Portfolio Management

With everything going on in the financial world today, it takes a tremendous amount of time and resources to keep up with current investment ideas and strategies. Our clients prefer to delegate this responsibility to us, giving them the financial confidence to pursue their other interests.

Our Preferred Portfolio Services® (PPS) is a fee-based program, offered through Commonwealth Financial Network®, that allows us to actively manage your assets. We have the ability to create a custom portfolio specifically suited to your individual needs.

How PPS works:

Review Your Current Situation
Our first step is to review your current financial and investment positions. We will also discuss your goals and plans in detail at this time. We want to get to know you and what's important to you.

Determine Your Tolerance for Risk
We will discuss your past investment experience at length and review what realistic expectations are for different types of assets.

Portfolio Design
The type of portfolio that will be suitable for you will depend upon the information that comes from the first two steps above. Every client will have distinct differences in his or her situation. We will design a portfolio that will be appropriate for your goals and time horizon.

Portfolio Management
We are responsible for security selection and ongoing management of the portfolio. We will monitor the investments and make changes as needed to stay within the risk tolerance and objectives we've agreed on. We are also looking to enhance performance by continually evaluating new ideas that may be suitable for your portfolio.

Performance and Review
You will receive quarterly reports from our office that detail your portfolio positions and the actual performance of your account. Your account will be compared to the well-known indices, such as the S&P 500, so you will have a clear picture of exactly how you are doing. These reports are in addition to your regular monthly account statements that you will receive from Commonwealth. We will also have regularly scheduled review meetings, where we will go over your account and any changes in your financial situation.

Fee Transparency
You will never have to wonder what you are paying for our services. Each quarterly report will detail our asset management fee to the penny. This is calculated by Commonwealth's software and will be based on your account value and our original asset management contract.